Turn €35 into 694 Bitcoins!

Our Mission

Inside we show you how to COOPERATIVELY turn a €35 donation into 694 Bitcoins every 28 days using our unique GLOBAL LEVERAGING SYSTEM in just 3 easy to do steps. We use crowdfunding to YOUR ADVANTAGE to legally help you turn a €35 donation into €972,000 every 28 days.

-  Pay off ALL your debts
-  Receive funds every week
-  Help your friends pay off all their debts
-  Have enough money to almost anything
-  Be part of the world’s largest fundraising cooperative

You don’t need any experience,
you can complete your 3 steps in a few hours or at pace you choose and you can invite people globally!

Calculations based on a Bitcoin price of €1400.

Get started this week, receive funds next week!

What Do I Need To Do?

Complete these 3 steps
to turn a €35 donation  into 694 Bitcoins every 28 days…

1.  Make a €35 donation to become an Active Donor
2.  Help 3 or more become Active Donors
3.  Have your team repeat steps 1 & 2

You only need to complete the 3 steps once and you will receive increasing amounts of donations each week. Once you reach your goal you can stop or keep receiving more in donations.

That’s it!

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